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Handcrafted Nautical Decor - Floor Standing Telescopes

Since 1954, Handcrafted Nautical Decor guarantees the lowest price, the highest quality and a 100% money back guarantee on Floor Standing Telescopes.

Decorate your home, or give as a gift to someone special our large selection of Floor Standing Telescopes.

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Floor Standing Telescopes

Explore the night sky with our distinctive collection of telescopes. Perfect for adorning the sophisticated study or as an unforgettable gift for the star-gazing friend, choose from our sleek 38” floor telescope with stand to our charmingly vintage 18" double barrel brass telescope. Impeccably crafted from polished brass and chrome, our telescopes are stylish, elegant, and affordable for all budgets.

Click on the pictures below to explore this uniquely timeless hallmark of nautical décor.

Our collection of spyglasses and marine telescopes features an assortment of brass telescopes, refractor telescopes, nautical ship telescopes, and various other nautical instruments and telescopes for sale. Every optical telescope for sale is finely crafted and made of gleaming brass and chrome. Not built from telescope kits, our reflector telescopes are sleek and polished. Capture the antique spyglasses and antique telescopes of the yesteryear with our classic brass telescope. Excite the imagination with our nautical telescopes, one of the most important nautical instruments for nautical navigation. Accentuate your home or office with class and style. Our classic Galileo telescope adds a touch of poise and polish and our antique spyglasses are the perfect kids telescope, handheld and charmingly collapsible.

Every nautical telescope in our collection, from our modern refractor telescope to our antique nautical telescope, is straight out of a time of romance and adventure. The reflector telescope is essential as a modern conversation piece with vintage charm. Buy telescopes as a nautical gift for friends or family or as nautical décor. Buying a telescope from our gallery brings the old-world charm of the high seas to your living room. Complete with telescope mounts, the marine telescopes in our telescope sale are a complete set. Our telescope sales let you buy telescope and spyglass atmosphere to seamlessly complete the nautical theme of any room.

Owning a brass telescope or antique nautical telescope is easy with our free shipping and 100% money back guarantee. Professionally packaged, premium quality, and not from telescope kits, our nautical ship telescopes are the epitome of functional elegance. Explore the timeless look of our nautical telescopes, whether as décor or as nautical gifts.