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Nautical Chests

Historically styled and gorgeously designed, Handcrafted Beach Décor welcomes you to explore our stunning collections of elegant beach furniture, coastal furniture, and beach themed furniture.

  • Seamless blends of nautical class and modern sophistication
  • Browse 10 styles priced from $799.99
  • Meticulously crafted from rich woods, perfect for games, drinks, or morning coffee
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Nautical Tables and Desks
10 Choices
  • Understated elegnance and charm
  • Browse 14 styles priced from $589.99
  • Beautifully crafted, stylish and classic additions to any room
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Nautical Themed Cabinets
14 Choices
  • Handsome, sleek, seafaring chic
  • Browse 2 styles priced from $449.99
  • Comfortable, nautically-themed designs from stylish to casual
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Nautical Themed Chairs
  • Selection of classic and modern styled nautical furniture
  • Browse 27 styles priced from $179.99
  • Timelessly stylish, comfortable and classy
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Additional Nautical Furniture
27 Choices
  • Wide selection of classic rosewood display cases and tables
  • Browse several sizes and styles priced from $249.99
  • Timelessly stylish, comfortable and classy
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Display Cases and Tables
6 Choices
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Coastal Furniture

Bring a distinct seafaring style and an air of sophistication into your home with Handcrafted Beach Décor’s elegant beach furniture. Featuring gorgeous designs of historically styled furniture, some of which were crafted from actual boats, these sturdy and stunning pieces make a fabulous addition to any room. Transform your living room into a lively luxury yacht, or your office into an impressive captain’s cabin, and transport yourself to the decks of a fabulous ocean liner sailing into the sunset. 

With a wonderful selection of contemporary and classic furniture, from the elegantly styled 22” Captain’s Cabinet to the classically chic ivory Stateroom Trunk End Table, make any room or patio your personal coastal escape. Experience the delightful atmosphere of the sea as you enjoy any of these finely crafted pieces, sit back and relax, and sink into the comforts of Handcrafted Beach Décor’s new classic furniture.