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Handcrafted Nautical Décor is proud to offer a stunning array of model ships to choose from, each an elegant symbol of the sea and work of art in itself. From charming modern sailing ship models to masterfully crafted pirate ships, your perfect ship awaits. Bring your love of sailing and the ambiance of the sea into any room with one of these models as a marvelous memento, fascinating conversation piece, or for its simply irresistible beauty.

Model Ships

Place a fabulous recreation of the USS Constitution in your office for a breath of fresh air, brighten up the den with a delightful 20” Mayflower, or have the refined charm of a model sailboat as the centerpiece to your dining room table. Each of these ships is faithfully recreated with passion and authenticity, embracing the profound history of life at sea from the Age of Exploration to modern day. Find the model ship nautical décor you have always wanted and let it warm your heart as it brings a smile to your face.