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Floor Standing Brass-Leather Griffith Astro Telescope 50

Floor Standing Brass/Leather Griffith Astro Telescope 50"

Overall Dims: 18" L x 15" W x 50" H

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SKU: ST-0126 - leather

Floor Standing Brass/Leather Griffith Astro Telescope 50"

The Hampton Nautical  Brass/Leather Griffith Astro Telescope 50" with view finder is a beautiful, solid brass, refractor telescope mounted on a wooden tripod. This telescope is a fully functioning nautical masterpiece that can be given as a gift, or placed in your home, office or boat as beautiful nautical decor. The main scope is solid brass with a smooth, finished wood handle, and both scopes provide up to 12x magnification. Focusing is accomplished by adjusting the eyepiece ring on the telescope tube. A removable brass cap, connected by a chain, protects the objective lens when not in use.

The wooden tripod stand features smooth, polished round legs, each with solid brass fittings and a screw release to let you adjust the height. A solid brass chain holds the three wooden legs together so the telescope can maintain its position.

Dimensions: 18" L x 15" W x 50" H

Key Features:
  • 12X Magnification
  • Polished brass telescope with leather-wrapped body
  • Glass optics for a clear view (not plastic lenses)
  • Fully functional telescope focuses and magnifies
  • Sturdy wooden tripod supports telescope when viewing
  • Custom engraving/photo etching available: Logos, pictures or slogans can be easily put on any item. Typical minimum custom order is 100+ pieces. Minimum lead-time to produce and engrave is 4+ weeks.


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Purchase telescopes for the nautical enthusiast in your life, and present them with a gift that is both historic and a charming work of art in itself. Each antique brass spyglass is crafted in the traditional manner, made from solid brass from a design that is practically unchanged in centuries of use. With your purchase telescopes of this caliber make a fabulous addition to any collection, and a true nautical collector will appreciate the accuracy and care with which our antique telescopes are made. A perfect addition to any collection, to display proudly in any room, or for use aboard a ship of your own, purchase telescopes for yourself, your ship, and as a gift for the nautical enthusiast in your life.